​​​​​​​​​Our patented platform NavXzy® offers a more meaningful web experience, especially where monetary, emotional and lasting decisions are at play.  By emulating neural networks, our Smart Virtual Coach—Navi—boldly casts away the reductive search technology that has become du jour. 

Solutions harnessing the cognitive horsepower of NavXzy:






​​SagePoint Solutions Group 

Solutions for Business

The NavXzy platform lets your business harness the power of Personalized Search. Licensed as a white-labeled solution, NavXzy helps your customers explore which of your offerings suit them best. Go ahead, invite your customers to simplify their decisions. Effortlessly, they'll discover all the offerings that are exactly right for each of them. More....

Solutions for Consumers
Navi is a Smart Virtual Coach who helps users simplify and optimize life decisions.  Whether it’s choosing a senior living community, selecting a college, focusing on a memorable travel experience, or building financial skills—Navi turns traditional search upside down, inviting users to "Navigate Your Life. Own Your Galaxy." Read More...

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