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“Nothing is more expensive than marketing to the wrong person. NavXzy is a profiling and segmentation dream, spanning pre-teenage years to senior years, serving up the potential for every set of eyeballs in America, delivering those eyeballs at the least possible cost.”

Former managing partner, Bozell Worldwide Marketing

SagePoint Solutions Group 

The NavXzy Platform for Personalized Search

Instead of expecting consumers to wade through countless displays of what your brand offers—hoping they'll choose something before abandoning unfruitful page-linking and scrolling—NavXzy hands control to your customer. It allows them to tell you what they Want & Need, and what is most important to them. Through this disruptive approach, NavXzy reverses the typical search experience. NavXzy responds directly to the increasing demand for customer centricity—not displaying all your business has to offer (or worse, filtering out everything based on a series of reductive clicks), but rather, displaying personalized search results: products and services that are most relevant to your customer, based on their own stated intentions, and directly addressing their motivation to buy.

Our Solution, White-Labeled for You
When customers visit a website displaying the NavXzy logo, they are invited to explore the website using our decision support platform. Behind the scenes, NavXzy uses decision science technologies to help people identify their Wants & Needs. Navi, as a Smart Virtual Coach, analyzes the users’ selections and gently guides them, explaining possible options, distinguishing between products and services, pointing to helpful third party links or links within your business that are often buried beneath non-obvious tabs or tabs too cumbersome for consumers to access.​​ 

Real Life. Business Results.
NavXzy produces results based on reasoning-horsepower previously unavailable to consumers, all with distinct benefits for your brand. So what exactly does this mean to your business?

Ready Buyers: Through feedback, displayed results, industry ratings, and consumer reviews and recommendations, NavXzy produces more strongly resolved and less conflicted buyers; studies show that such consumers are Ready to Decide. Ready to Buy.

Highly Qualified Leads:
NavXzy Direct-to-Consumer targets life decisions most searched on the internet, which means it’s all in the numbers—users looking to the Smart Virtual Coach, Navi, for assistance are the qualified leads that you have been targeting using less sophisticated approaches, including "Like Me" and recommender systems. As nothing is more expensive than marketing to the wrong person, let NavXzy help you market to the right one. Further, by matching people to products and services, NavXzy delivers a win-win—consumers get the help they need and your business increases sales and develops loyal customers.

A Marketing Segmentation Dream: NavXzy helps businesses predict future customer behavior. Through the treasure trove of selected Wants & Needs actually selected by users, companies know the stated intentions of potential buyers, a significant improvement over mere guesswork resulting from the analysis of past clicks. NavXzy is about fewer hunches, more facts.

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