Navigate Your Life. Own Your Galaxy.

Instead of wading through hundreds of internet search results, or reviewing mind-numbing displays of all a brand has to offer—our Smart Virtual Coach, Navi, returns laser-focused results. Results are triggered by user-chosen Wants & Needs, and the level of importance each user ascribes to them. Products & services are displayed as Most Relevant and Relevant, include industry ratings as well as reviews and recommendations from those with whom the user shares an interest. Studies show that 75% of customers believe its more convenient to self-serve than speak with a live representative.

​Real Life. Coaching.
As a Smart Virtual Coach, Navi:

  • Encourages users to consider unselected Wants & Needs
  • Provides feedback to help resolve conflicting selections
  • Educates users on nuances about the topic at hand, by providing targeted tips that are, by definition, relevant to the selections the user has made
  • Displays ratings relevant to products and services the user is considering 

This interactive coaching allows users to explore options they might not have considered, or felt comfortable raising, when interacting with a human agent.

Ready to Decide. Ready to Buy.
​Decision science confirms that the human brain shuts down when tasked with more than a few variables. Behind the scenes Navi leverages cognitive science to:

  • Help users identify their Wants & Needs 
  • Gently coach users
  • Point to helpful links
  • Display relevant results in the form of highly personalized internet content​

​By removing decisional conflict, Navi helps consumers make informed decisions, which studies show significantly increases decisive action; by creating and delivering personalized online searches, Navi allows users to "Navigate Your Life. Own Your Galaxy."​​​​​

​The Power of Personalized Search
​Navi does all this by relying on NavXzy's Web Interfaces for Personalized Search.  The NavXzy platform is revolutionary when it comes to decision making on the web.

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“Navi fundamentally changes how we relate to the web.”  CEO, Florida resort ownership corporation