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​​"NaviXpanse is generations ahead in its ability to match meaningful user goals to products & services." ​ ​SVP Platforms, Leading US Bank

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​​​​​NaviXpanse is built on proprietary, patented technology (US 9,588,580: System and Method for Single Domain and Multi-domain Decision Aid for Product on the Web, Issued Mar 7, 2017), aligned with registered branding (NavXzy®), and is owned by SagePoint Solutions Group, LLC. 

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"What do you want to fund"

E X P A N D I N G   F I N A N C I A L   I N S I G H T

​​​​C O N T A C T   F O R M

NaviXpanse analyzes customer goals, distinguishes between products and services, and curates highly relevant solutions.​  All to boost your insights into customer intentions.

​​​​​Financial products span basic everyday needs (Checking, Savings, Credit Cards, Mortgages) and simple investment products (CDs, Mutual Funds) to complex investment strategies and legacy planning tools (Wills, Estates, Trusts).  Most people are aware of core products and services, but few know the spectrum of financial services. Even less can cite distinct advantages offered by each product. This lack of knowledge results in loss of prospects who, upon searching for solutions to address specific life situations but encountering a tangle of financial terms, concepts and offerings, recoil with uncertainty and confusion, becoming unlikely to explore, and unlikely to buy.

Most financial institutions recognize the value of a goal-based approach to marketing products; unfortunately, all too often this effort begins and ends with marketing.  Now, through NaviXpanse, banks can deliver on the promise of personalized results driven by customer-stated goals.

Increasingly, banks value customer-centric searches.