We do not know how to pray or what we should pray for, but the Holy Spirit prays to God for us with sounds that cannot be put into words. ​​ Romans 8:26

​​​​C O N T A C T   F O R M

​​​​​Encounter relevant resources. Connect intentional disciples. Witness measured growth.  Bring your ministry fully alive with Navi Ministry.

A M P L I F Y I N G   D I G I T A L   C O N T E N T   T O   C O N N E C T   B E L I E V E R S 

​​​​​Vibrant organizations today are taking advantage of emerging technology. Ministry is no exception. 

NaviMinistry moves ministries forward with patented Artificial Intelligence technology, applied intentionally to Christianity.

Place NaviMinistry within your ministry’s website, where visitors pursue spiritual goals to quickly:

  • Encounter relevant resources in your ministry or beyond
  • Connect with similar people, as well as experts, online or in person
  • Witness growing faith  

​We will work with you to accomplish your mission. We start partnerships with a 30-day effort, at no charge to you. During this time, NaviMinistry team members work with your ministry to fully explore Critical Success Factors that will make our platform valuable to you.

We teach your ministry how to utilize analytics offered through the platform's engine. After 30 days, with total comfort, you decide whether to continue. Experience why others are saying that NaviMinistry's platform "fundamentally changes how we relate to the web."

Contact us for a Demo, and learn how to Rollout NaviMinistry seamlessly. Use the form below, or email us directly at: