The next shift in personalized search is NavXzy, our patented platform that helps customers simplify decisions. Companies use NavXzy to convert countless pages of their products into an experience designed specifically for each customer. By inviting users to select Wants & Needs relevant to them, NavXzy's Smart Virtual Coach delivers focused results, and helps customers beyond Search & Find.

With Navi's assistance, customers are Ready To Decide.

SagePoint Solutions Group 

B2B Products

NaviXpanse (for managing banking, finance & assets) has estimated that 78% of middle-class Americans do not have a financial advisor, and that 88% report little-to-no investment knowledge. As noted within the article, “Average working Americans need help with their investments.” As a non-threatening Smart Virtual Coach, Navi attracts users who are hesitant or otherwise intimidated to meet with a financial advisor. By presenting every day Wants & Needs for the user to select, Navi invites users to explore options that they might not be confident discussing with a human advisor. Incorporated into a financial institution’s website, NavXzy can generate new customer leads and help a financial institution design products based on what the marketplace is requesting. Navi is about Making Decisions. Smarter.​  View sample Wants & Needs from Navi's Virtual Financial Advisor; access a printable brochure outlining the value to your financial clients.

Project Based Learning
By inviting teachers & students to select Wants & Needs relevant to them, inverts the typical discovery experience: NavXzy's Smart Virtual Coach delivers focused results, and helps educators beyond Search and Find—to Decide. With, Central Office Administrators, Instructional Specialists, Department Leads and Project Coaches are able to curate Deeper Learning projects based on the specific Wants & Needs of their districts, classes and students. Today, educators are accessing the NavXzy platform to return highly relevant content specifically customized for them, all while providing user reviews and recommendations among educators who share a common pedagogical interest. See how NavXzy is giving new meaning to Deeper Learning by visiting the PBL Lounge.  ​​

Cyber Security/Information Assurance​​
​The NavXzy platform brings depth to the Information Assurance decision space, encouraging a solution path for continuous assessment and resource allocation. Despite strong regulatory and governmental warnings, estimates of worldwide annual business losses due to cyber security failures exceed $1 trillion, even though studies demonstrate that senior management/Boards of Directors rank cyber risk as the #1 concern of corporate leadership. Yet findings from leading cyber studies confirm that corporate decision makers still need to be educated about cyber risks. 

On the front end, NavXzy utilizes a comprehensive self-audit/compliance tool, which is itself unique in the cyber space, allowing compliance to be assessed by office location or by department. But unlike other cyber technology in the market place, NavXzy goes well beyond audit: by utilizing patent-pending algorithms and overlaying weighted mathematics with subjective qualifiers, NavXzy allows the corporate user to interject real-world, real-time influences, allowing decision makers the ability to run what-if scenarios. 

NavXzy goes beyond the checkmarks—a limitation of current cyber audit tools—and provides the ability to identify and prioritize actions for reducing cyber security risk and to align policy, business and technological approaches to managing that risk. NavXzy enables smarter decisions which result in higher efficiency, higher ROI, and overall cost savings both short and long term. With NavXzy, cyber risk is elevated to where it belongs: as an integral part of Enterprise Risk Management.  Read More....

Operational Readiness
​The power of NavXzy can be harnessed by municipalities, government agencies and corporations to audit and assess their operational readiness with respect to various types of risk. Through the use of proprietary risk ontologies, NavXzy’s patent-pending methods are used to traverse its emulated Neural Networks and connect users to funding assistance, risk avoidance or mitigation strategies, and risk transfer options, to name a few. Through NavXzy, entities can be Ready to Act, when the need arises. ​

Professional Use 
Life decisions have repercussions, often resulting in unfortunate consequences when decisions are made without fully recognizing financial, emotional and lifestyle impact, both immediate and long-term. Professional use of NavXzy is available to help professionals advise clients and guide them to the solutions that best meet their client’s Wants & Needs. 

For example, many decisions directly affect a financial advisor’s ability to manage and grow wealth, including decisions about: daycare, private school, college, mortgage obligations, family healthcare coverage and assisting aging parents with home healthcare or assisted living. Cueing off Wants & Needs defined by the client, NavXzy's Smart Virtual Coach, Navi, delivers a deeper, more meaningful, user-centric client experience—at the same time she helps the advisor offer the full range of financial products, options and coaching tailored to the client. With Navi, each client experiences the promise of relevancy.  Navi is abut personal connections. Relationship management at its best.

Direct to Consumer Products

Online scrapbooking, photo-sharing and instant messaging dominate today’s web experience, oversaturating us with minutiae that, while fun at first, loose luster quickly—especially when riddled with placement ads all vying for our wallet.

Equally dissatisfying is the search approach used for everything from shoe-buying to real estate, to the internet’s largest retailers. Commonly known as Faceted Search, Reductive Search and Filtered Search, this often-misused approach starts with thousands of products in an online catalog, then wipes out dozens-to-hundreds of potential products with each click. After only a handful of clicks we’re left with zero results. To reveal additional inventory we must embark on the mind-numbing task of “unclick-click”—as though playing Whack-a-Mole without knowing where the mole is.

For consumer-facing websites, our decisioning platform presents the virtual coach "Navi," who is about helping users make real life decisions.  Navi offers support and resources based solely on what the user has told her is important. Moreover, Navi helps the user look beyond feature-function to address the subjective, ever-important emotional side of decisions.

Cueing off a navigation metaphor throughout our suite of lifestyle decision tools, Navi invites users to “Navigate your life. Own your galaxy.Life isn’t always simple. Let Navi make your real life decisions more meaningful. Go directly to the decisioning engine at

Explore Senior Living revolutionizes online search for senior living options—enhancing the experience for millions of seniors and their families who, for the first time, will have the ability to search a nationwide database based on their Wants & Needs. Unlike laborious searches by zip code only or costly referral services, we have the only proprietary software platform capable of producing customized search results based on the criteria and level of importance users have chosen, powered by a patent-pending decision engine which emulates human reasoning. 

Additionally, the NavXzy team works with senior living communities to help them differentiate themselves by increasing web presence and displaying ratings relevant to their products and services. Try out the latest in senior living search by visiting Navi4Seniors.​​

​​The following B2C sites are underway, to be added soon:

Scouting Colleges

Statistics show that most high school students spend, at most, 38 minutes with a counselor considering college opportunities. NavXzy knows everyday Wants & Needs, researched and verified with experts, allowing students (or parents) to search for colleges based on their own Wants & Needs, and the level of importance of each! NavXzy provides the ability to have on-line support and feedback 24/7 through Navi, our Smart Virtual Coach. If the student or parent chooses Wants & Needs that are seemingly contradictory, Navi helps harmonize the disparity by suggesting alternate selections which will return better college results. Navi points to various links, including ones that help a student organize their application process through third-party tools; Navi also provides reviews and recommendations among users who share an interest in a particular school. 

Pick a Canine Companion

With a significant increase in pet ownership, along with an ever-discerning pet owner population, NavXzy provides an enjoyable and informative means of choosing a pooch based on your lifestyle and the Wants & Needs of your family. Navi encourages you to learn about the breed so you can make an informed decision, avoiding an impulse purchase when otherwise overwhelmed by cuteness. Moreover, Navi helps you become knowledgeable about what to feed your new family member, how much exercise it needs, how to groom your pet, and what resources to access in order to ensure that your dog is an amazing family member and a responsible canine citizen. Navi does all this through feedback, displayed results, ratings, user reviews and recommendations.

Unique Getaways

​NavXzy transforms the way in which consumers search for travel by providing the opportunity for brands to customize travel—the most relevant experience delivered to every user every time. Navi4Travel provides a holistic experience, delivering results not through a reductive elimination process but by assessing all of the user’s preferences as well as the importance of each. In one example, NavXzy's Smart Virtual Coach doesn’t just produce a list of cooking schools, she uncovers a travel experience that allows a couple to enhance their culinary skills while providing care for their special needs child. Tailored results like this are created for every user.