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A Tool for Strategic Decisioning
Wherever strategic decisioning demands a systemic, repeatable, auditable approach, NavXzy's patented algorithms are ready to step in.

Current mathematical weighting approaches to decision-making produce numeric precision but fail to contemplate real-world nuances that would otherwise affect—or even invert—results. For instance, random items that score high may skew outcomes, producing a seemingly favorable overall score despite the possibility that certain strategic criteria performed poorly. The response that companies must pursue to overcome these challenges ends up eroding the validity of the approach and the resulting data.

Through the cognitive horsepower of inference engines, and by emulating neural networks, NavXzy interacts with datasets without corrupting or artificially adjusting results after-the-fact. NavXzy's ability to maintain data integrity while interjecting human reasoning allows decision-makers to run what-if scenarios, producing meaningful sets of results from a single, non-corrupted input set. Further, using the platform's Cascading Trigger Analysis, NavXzy increases the value of strategic analysis by allowing the user to look at the data through different decision points—allowing the decision-maker to discover the most relevant recurring solutions.

Our team has discussed such uses with the military, consumer goods corporations and financial institutions. NavXzy is about Making Decisions. Smarter. 

​Data Analytics & Insight
NavXzy takes meCommerce an important step further than the competition: rather than build recommender lists from social likes, dislikes, location, contact details, store visits, online behavior and purchasing history (which are the lifeblood of predictive data sets), NavXzy leverages user intentions and stated levels of importance as the basis for data analytics; from there, NavXzy's Smart Virtual Coach, Navi, looks at the results returned, the options the user gravitated toward, then compares those to aggregated, anonymized persona types who are solving similar problems. This facilitates reviews and recommendations from others who share interests and concerns. 

The result is data analytics built on structured data that, when combined with unstructured data, 3rd party analytics, retailer data ecosystems, and industry ratings, deliver a precision that keeps the user at the center of his/her universe. In the NavXzy world, Real Life Decisions yield a personal profile of higher integrity, and therefore allow for a laser-focused offering of goods and services—no longer aggravating the consumer, but arriving at the right time, with the right degree-of-fit.

For merchants looking to entice-and-satisfy versus irritate-then-alienate their base, NavXzy's Smart Virtual Coach, Navi, offers the opportunity to build brand awareness, to influence brand purchases, and to secure consumer loyalty.  Respecting the customer as the center of their personal universe, rather than heaping them with others who may share only a fraction of consumer DNA, is a win-win. View our Data Analytics Spiral to see how NavXzy builds robust consumer data, from the point of intention to richly formed persona-types.


Because the platform's Smart Virtual Coach knows what is important to users, Navi can recommend related products and services perfect for your target audience—in the case of seniors it might be specialized mobility equipment or electronic health monitoring devices. Or for a pooch, Navi can recommend grooming tools engineered for hair textures, thickness and length, as well as pet nutrition and educational tips—all just right for the breeds/mixes the user is considering. Thoughtful and precise, Navi is a personal shopper of the best kind—not one that bombards consumers with everything under the sun, but one that brings feedback, ratings, and recommendations precisely aligned with the user's Wants & Needs. 

With decades of executive experience in marketing, artificial intelligence, neural networks, legal and business innovation—the NavXzy team can help your efforts in marketing, lead generation, product mapping and data analytics. Our team members have designed reasoning-horsepower for Fortune 100 corporations. Now is the time to put the Power of NavXzy to work for your business.

“There is nothing like it. Nobody has integrated a decision aid like this into eCommerce, until now.”

Global Social Media Lead, worldwide consulting and outsourcing company